Thursday, 5 March 2009

900 Mililion What The Fucks?

Maybe its just spring but I got a full on Knudsen chubby when saw Hilary Clinton on the news the other day when she went to the middle east to give political hand-jobs.

When Israeli President Shimon Peres kissed her on the cheek (twice) Hilary did that cutesy girly thing of closing her eyes.
I know Hil has been coached on how to act body language wise, when politicians take the stage they point into the crowd and say 'Hi' like they recognise someone. You can't fool Old Knudsen, he has been highly trained in counter counter espionage and successfully sold snake oil as a cure for all for 7 years before the tar and feathering incident which he doesn't want to talk about.

I lost my painful erection (I was wearing black leather trousers) when Hilary announced the US would be donating $900 million to rebuild the Gaza Strip. What a fucking load of toss. She said that none of the money would be going to Hamas.

How the fuck are you going to stop that? Hamas broke into a UN compound and stole supplies that were to be distributed to the Palestine people, they don't give a shit cos they are cunty cunt cunt cunts.

The money will be spent on rockets and mortars that the cunts will fire into Israel. Since the cease-fire of January they have fired 350 of them.

Why Palestine? rebuild yer own fucking cuntry, start with the schools and the health care system, stop cutting jobs cos yer giving the money to crazy fuckers who celebrated on 9/11.

If you want to rebuild the Gaza Strip buy some porta-cabins and ship them over, of course getting a receipt so you know the money wasn't spent on rockets.

Well I suppose if yer going to rebuild the Gaza Strip you should level it and clear it off first, build some nice Sinagogs and Casinos.

There is a lot between doing and saying so maybe this is just feel good talk and the money will be in installments and never fully paid, you know like all the monsy pledges cuntries made after the Tusnami. Usually when the US gives money it cums with the condition that a US military out-post gets set up there, Africa is full of them, nice wee supply points.

I'm off to think about a Hilary and Condolezzer Rice 3-way, hubba hubba.

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angela's ashes said...

'... The money will be spent on rockets and mortars that the cunts will fire into Israel.'
Yay politics, neato. I have two questions for you ...
1. Do you think Hilary is a moaner or a screamer? and
2. Have you thanked MJ for the cake yet?

Leah said...

Ah well, you probably know how I feel about this...ergh.

And to think I almost asked Hillary to the prom.

MJ said...

Angela: The very fact that he has returned to blog again is thanks enough for me.

Praise Old Knudsen.

MJ said...

It’s Freakin’ Green Elf Shorts Caption Competition time again!

Head over to Denmark to visit CyberPete.

Boxer said...

Praise Old K for writing this:

"Maybe its just spring but I got a full on Knudsen chubby when saw Hilary Clinton on the news the other day when she went to the middle east to give political hand-jobs."

Anonymous said...

What's wrong with rockets and mortars? You have to destroy to built up. Ask Nietzsche, his followers and the buisnessmen of war - and it is of no matter what skin colour they have, what "faith" or what nationality: It's a game for profit - and if people get hurt, wounded, dead or mutilated: MAKE SOME NEW! In the name of some shitty god.

The rules stay unchanged.

Sooner or later my liver will give in.

HoodChick said...

rebuild yer own fucking cuntry -

I bow to your genius.

Donn Coppens said...

The outpouring of Tsunami relief happened because so many Westerners were caught in it. Had it been a purely local event it would have been on page 7.

The Terrabs don't give a rat's ass about the Palestinians..they just use them and their real estate as a buffer zone between them and the Israelis..who could wipe them off the face of the Earth in one day.

The Palestinians don't even seem to acknowledge that they are scapegoats and shock troops.

How many toddlers in Kuwait or Dubai get dressed up in suicide bomber outfits by their f*cked up yodelling mothers like the Palestinians? 0 that's how many.

Maybe it's time for the West to just retreat back home for 100 years and let the rest of the world go at it and get 'er done.

We haven't made ANY progress in the Middle East for 60 years..not one inch of sand has added a Democratic Government. If they love the 7th Century so much then let them live in it...and NO they cannot come here EVER, they either join the 21st Century or they don't.

Now Africa is completely going to sh*t. For f*ck sake they even train child soldiers to chop up and rape their neighbours. Same deal.

We either let them hack each other or go in there and kick some serious ass. Why is Mugabe still taking in Oxygen? Can't the CIA wet-boys do anything right?

Most of us are more worried about the wildlife because atleast they have an excuse for acting like animals. At what point do we re-colonise or walk away? What we are doing now is not working at all.

Thanks for letting me rant whew