Sunday, 22 February 2009

You Idiot

She may have herpes but I'd still do her.

It amazes me just how stupid people are. No this post isn't about The Troll this time.

There are these adverts on the telly with people saying, "When I was diagnosed with genital herpes I was devastated."

Attractive couples that like to mountain bike and canoe. So I was looking around the Interweb and I saw a question forum.

"Do the people in the adverts really have genital herpes?"

Fuck fuck fuckity fuck you are dumb. Someone pointed out they had better not as one of them was working on House the other week.

I see an ad about asthma medicine and a woman says she has had asthma for 15 years. Maybe it was from all the fluff kicked up by the fucking Muppets, she was Alison Bartlett the bloody vet on Sesame Street, an ugly woman with a big mole who appeared in the Sopranos if you watched that shite . It looks like she had the mole removed but is still ugly.

I love picking out unknown actors in commercials. Its always that guy from the Progressive ad or yer woman from Buffy doing a Sears ad ......................... Sears is shite by the way but I did like Buffy.
The skinny bloke from the mobile phone ads went on to do movies, you know the one.

Twats in adverts. I've seen the blonde guy at the top in a burger ad and now he sells Mobile phone networks. The guy in the middle was the 'Dude you got a Dell' bloke he now works behind a bar in New York. The drip on the right is shagging Drew Barrymore he took a break from selling Macs to co-star in Die Hard 4 'live free and what a load of crap' The PC guy on the left and the 'can you hear me now' bloke on the bottom are just ghey.

The UK version of the Mac advert.

Then I read this column in the paper about who the next head of health should be for the Obama admin. The person writing had some names and then he said. I haven't followed his career but wouldn't Arnold Schwarzenegger be a fun choice for the post? he seems to be a good manager.

What? should someone who cares not be in the role? When Arnie has to balance the state budget what does he cut first? money and programs that go to the old, disabled and poor people. Kick them when they are doon. America may not be a socialist cuntry in name but it doesn't have to be a total cunt to its people.

On Facebook I'm friends with Matt Damon. People had a discussion if it was the real one or not. One gurl says it can't be as she has the real one in her friends. I'm also friends with Mel Gibson, he lives in the south of England now.

There, I have stated my point. The people on the telly are actors and human beings in general are stupid.

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Just Another Faceless Commenter said...

"Attractive couples that like to mountain bike"

Really, if you had a herpes outbreak, I would think that a bike seat would be just a leeeetle uncomfortable, you know?

"I've seen the blonde guy at the top in a burger ad"

And here I thought that was Prince Harry just back from his summer hols.

Donn Coppens said...

I have done TV ads for a large Furniture Chain and a sell 'yer own hoose Real Estate Company but have yet to make the leap to Feature Films? Tragic.

Schwarzenegger is frum da fewchah so he must know something that we don't. Maybe they finally do figure out how to get rid of all those annoying poor and old people..they're so depressing..they really bum everybody out.

All I know about General Herpes is that he is planning a new infusion of troops in Arfghanistan but he really wants the green light to Nuke Pakistan and get it over with.

I am sooo jealous that Matt Damon is your friend..even if it isn't the real Matt it's still cool. You should send him that f*cking 25 things about me application and find out.

Anonymous said...

Arnie rules ok over the people who voted for him - the one-eyed is king to the blind.

Old Knudsen said...

faceless My BMX can no longer make it up the mountains so I use a catapult which is fine during a flare up.

DC I knew I saw you before, well no sorry, hold on did you not play the devil in Angel heart?

mago strange that Americans voted hollywood instead of politics.

Anonymous said...

Where's the difference?
Money, sex, power - and the whole world is your playground. You have thousands of "Statisten" and free donuts/burgers and other food-substitutes.