Tuesday, 3 February 2009

There Is Stupid And Then There Is This

In a move to heal the rift between the Muslim world and the West the US government has set up a commission to pay $12,000 to the family members of the 3000 people who died in the 9/11 bombings of the World Trade Centre and also to the family members of the bombers who died in the attack as they are all victims of this conflict.

That was an example, this idiotic thing is happening in Northern Ireland. The UK government want to pay the innocent victim's families £12,000 compensation and the families of the terrorists who died in the 30 odd year conflict too.

Those whose parents, sons and daughters etc who were murdered are outraged that the innocent victims are being classed in the same category as the bastards that killed them.

'Oh poor IRA terrorist he was shot by the SAS before he could plant the bomb in the shopping centre on a busy Saturday afternoon.'

What the fuck? I knew the UK was quickly turning into America but c'mon. Take responsibility for yer actions. The terrorist knew they might have died carrying a bomb about, that was their choice and a shame for their family that he was a wanker.
The people shopping with their kids for a new school uniform wanted a peaceful life and to watch their kids growing up they didn't have a choice. Or the woman with her unborn child growing in her belly didn't have a choice.

I was watching the debate and a woman was arguing with a man, she was saying how her parents died in a bomb attack and it wasn't the money that was important it was the fact that her parents were on equal footing with the murderers according to this compensation deal.

The man she was arguing with understood this, he was Catholic and his IRA brother was shot dead by soldiers and then he says, "I have 9 children."

Money trumps morals. No one except the Pope made you have 9 kids go ask him for money. What has his dirty dick got to do with anything?

Throw money at both sides and say "bygones" is that the plan? maybe some people can't forgive or forget but they will abide by the peace process. Fucking stupid if you ask me.

Compensate the victim's families Protestant and Catholic but not the terrorist families like duh!

What is next compensating the family of a serial killer or a school shooter? Then it will be compensating Pedos for being victims of child abuse themselves which obviously made them do it right?

Did I mention the taking responsibility thing?

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Daisy said...

bravo...thank you for not being with these crazies...over here it is just out of control...i read a rapist sued the woman he raped because she gave him AIDS...she didn't give him fuck all...he took it and got what he took...it's fucking insane!!!

Anonymous said...

Responsibility? Bullshit ... Here you have socalled managers who ruined their companies and cry for help, public money that is. And if the state says okay we give you money but want control these suckers brabbel about free market and the end of the world is near.

Something went terribly wrong in the last 10 or 20 years.

MJ said...

You're sexy when you're angry.

Anonymous said...

An excellent analogy. It wouldn't, couldn't happen anywhere else.

Homo Escapeons said...

Are you serious? The families of the frickin' Terrorassts should be forced to pay the whole bloody thing! As if they have two dimes to rub together..but Osama Bin Hidin has lorts of money!

That is beyond stupid. This may be the pinnacle of Political Correctness...perhaps now that it has reached the zenith of absurdity it will rightfully start to shift back towards common f*cking sense.