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Mr Sammy Wilson, a Northen Ireland politician , has faced calls to step down after blocking the broadcast of a TV commercial urging people to cut down on carbon emissions.

A government committee passed a vote of no confidence in the minister of the environment earlier in the week.

Wilson, who does not believe that climate change is man-made, had said the government advertisement was part of an "insidious propaganda campaign".

Some members of the environment committee said Mr Wilson's views were not consistent with that of the executive.

Sammy Wilson called a climate change awareness campaign 'propaganda'

I have to agree with him. DUP politicians aren't known for their progressive thinking but considering the media has gone into scare news instead of reporting I don't believe anything.

What about the threat of the ice-age 30 years ago? not here yet? Its a 'convenient untruth' that anything from floods, snow storms and excessive heat can be blamed on Global warming instead of natural earth cycles that we haven't been around long enough to notice.

Sammyman with Miss Belfast 2008, isn't she lovely?

I have pointed out the good parts for those with trouble reading.

I refuse to blindly accept the new pseudo-religion that we must dramatically change our economy in order to stop climate change. The tactic used by the "green gang" is to label anyone who dares disagree with their view of climate change as some kind of nutcase who denies scientific fact. Like questioning patriotism after 9/11 if you didn't agree with Bush

First of all can I make it clear I accept that we are experiencing climate change. Indeed climate change has been a feature of the history of our planet. The most modern history of the earth shows that these changes occur in regular cycles. From 200BC to 600AD we had what was known as the Roman warming when grapes grew in the open as far north as Scotland. The Dark Ages between 600 and 900AD was a cold period. Then came the Mediaeval warming period from 900 to 1300AD followed by the Little Ice Age between 1300 to 1850 AD when the Thames regularly froze over and fairs were held on the ice. From 1850 to 1940 we had another period of warming followed by a period of cooling from 1940 to 1975. When I was at school, scientists were confidently predicting that we were entering another ice age. From 1976 we have experienced gradual warming again. Significantly the most progressive and prosperous periods in world history were during the periods of global warming.

We have never clearly understood the causes of these changes and despite what some environmentalists say there is no scientific consensus around the causes. Some claim that recent climate change is due to CO2 production from industrialisation, our energy use, our love affair with the car and foreign holidays by jet airplane. The difficulty with this explanation is that climate change occurred even when we did not have the increase on CO2 emissions experience in the last 200 years. Another difficulty they have is that the increase in CO2 occurs after the increase in temperatures.

Other scientists have produced research based on analysis of ice cores, and study of changes in the sun's radiance which they claim proves that the changes in Earth's climate are primarily caused by solar activity. Readers may ask what the relevance of such a scientific debate is to them and given the esoteric nature of the subject may dismiss it as nothing to do with them. Nothing could be further from the truth. In fact the reason why environmentalists have a fit of apoplexy when their claim that the scientific jury is still out on the cause of climate change is that there are massive implications for policy depending on which view you take.

To date governments across the world seem to have caved in to the demands of well-placed environmental lobby groups and the political hysteria they have generated and have introduced a wide range of measures to reduce CO2 emissions in an attempt to stop climate change. These measures are already impacting on our pockets every day through the imposition of so-called green taxes, price increases and regulations. We pay more for petrol because the Greens have persuaded the government to make it dearer so we buy less. Road tax on cars over seven years old is set to soar to £450 per year and my department estimates that over 100,000 drivers in Northern Ireland will be affected. The reason for the tax is that these cars produce too much CO2. We pay more for electricity for the same reason. Already the climate change levy and the demand that more power is generated from wind have sent electricity bills soaring.

We are already losing jobs to China and India as the government seeks to chase away industries which produce CO2 in order to achieve our Kyoto target on CO2 reductions. The irony is that the CO2 is simply produced in a different part of the world where the governments have decided not to sign up to the international agreement on emissions. So our adherence to the green political correctness damages our economy while doing nothing to deal with the perceived problem.

These are the consequences of a policy which ascribes to the view that climate change is man-made. If climate change is indeed caused by changes in solar activity then clearly the billions of pounds currently spent on reducing CO2 is being wasted because they will have no impact on what happens to the world's climate. The changes are beyond our control and resources should be used to adapt to the consequences of climate change rather than King Canute style vainly trying to stop it.

This would require resources to be used to improve flood defences, develop GM crops which can enable the production of food in changed climatic conditions and of course putting money into technological research to help us deal with changing climatic conditions. This would make more sense than the massive financial burdens we are placing on our economy and individuals in the vain hope that these burdens might have an affect in 50 to 100 years' time, when conveniently those who imposed the policies will no longer be around to be accountable if the measures either prove unnecessary or fail to achieve their ends.
The climate change debate is relevant to us all. It is something politicians should be dealing with and talking about.

Reasoned debate must replace the scaremongering of the green climate alarmists.

Of course the climate is changing, change is a part of nature. The thing is that humans are not changing and so don't like what is going on.

I'm glad to have finally heard some sense from a politician, he may be a twat but he is a twat with a point. We don't know what is going on so lets raise some prices and make some money and if you don't accept it then yer a polar bear killing cunt ................ polar bear numbers have not been affected by the way and a polar bear is just a brown bear that adapted to the cold so they cum doon and fuck their cousins until some hunter shoots them.

Recycle, Reduce and Reuse only because it makes sense. Stop pollution! that is what is killing us all. The only recession proof jobs are Climate experts and economists, both deal in fear of the unknown and speculation.

There is a woman who lives near me who throws out perfectly good brand new stuff and clothes, shes fucking nuts and only cares about herself. That is the problem of the world, 10 billion fuck-wits like her.

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Leah said...

I read this entire thing, Old Knudsen, and I really agree with most, probably all, of it.

Well put! Although not a popular take on this issue.

MJ said...

Leah: It was a long post. Did you have to switch fingers half way through?

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Leah said...

I have a bandaid on my right pointer finger, and so it interferes. I had to do it left-handed and it took longer. I'm thinking of getting Old Knudsen on Tape to take care of the problem.

MJ said...

Leah: If you use your left finger, it feels like somebody else is doing it.

Manuel said...

bollocks.......he;s a cock, not even a big cock at that, and we all know that as fact. the man is a joke a buffoon, an idiot......he is embarrassing the DUP more than Iris and that says something.....

Boxer said...

after you post three in one day, I get confused and start reading old ones.

MJ said...

How many fingers do you use, Boxer?

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I think Old Knudsen creates these word verifications himself.

Anonymous said...

Manuel, I think I like you.

deanna said...

good post OK. The global warming argument makes sense to me, more so than the arguments against it. But I'm not freaking out...I just think we should leave the earth the way we found it. Whether that's reducing my "carbon footprint," who knows, but I do have an appreciation for people who clean up after themselves.

I'm a quick reader, so I didn't need to switch hands.