Saturday, 14 February 2009

Purple Heart

I was thinking about the great American war machine and how since Korea it has not been that great.
I don't know of any other country that gives you a medal for failing to do yer job its like the schools of today inflating grades and giving out certificates for turning up and not causing trouble.

Yes sir I know you were in Nam, you haven't stopped whining about it for the last 40 years.

The purple heart is a medal they give you if you get wounded in combat. Here have a medal for not keeping yer head doon and being unlucky or careless but yer still a winner to us.

How could a super power fight against a 3rd world cuntry that uses pointed sticks? Unless yer the British of course who beat doon savages on a regular basis to rule a quarter of the globe, hmm look at the size of us compared to .....................

I think that anyone who puts on a uniform to serve their cuntry with honour is the bees knees, and all due respect to the fallen but the whiners should gurn up.

Yes flip-flops was a part of the VC uniform. Ha ha beaten by peasants in flip-flops.

The VC on a personal level wanted victory more than the US and the same thing is happening with Al Qaeda. Anger is an energy.

Go all out to win, waterboard and torture camps. Never mind the values you hold dear because you can't afford to have them in war.

I draw the line at the baby killing other massacres that have gone on in Nam and Iraq by some troops as there is no need or point to it. Civil war is just a name, you can't be civil and just shoot the enemy in the shoulder or they will get ya from behind.

Old Knudsen was in the Hanoi Hilton the same time as John McCain, oh I wasn't a guest I was on staff and I really hate what people have said about the place.

Cockroaches were a part of the decor it was a theme hotel. The only torture that went on there was the food, Yanks really do hate Brit food.

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