Wednesday, 4 February 2009

The Peta Hypocrisy

I am anti-Peta as anyone would know if they have read my former posts. Crazy fuckers who set up shelters and then kill the animals when its not cost effective. Stop people wearing furs stop people eating meat don't fucking tell me what to do.

Sure pets should be treated well and spayed and neutered and livestock should be treated humanly but how about this, we concentrate on something more important like protecting children and then we can spend billions on the cute fluffy animals that are sooooo tasty.

Ron Jeremy in the picture is a porn star with a 9.75 inch cock which some might think is big. He is enough to put anyone off sex.
I don't care how big it is if I was a woman I'd be fondling my tits and shoving things up me twat all day but thats besides the point, no way would gurly Knudsen have sex with that disgusting creature.

He used to be able to suck himself off. I haven't seen the film but the thought of it is bad enough. So does that make him ghey because he swallows his own gravy?

Now because he is a fat cunt he can only kiss his willy's end. Also ghey I mean I've given mine the thumbs up and have told him 'well done' but only a woman an attractive animal or tight young man on a long sea voyage gets to swallow Kenny's gravy.

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Captain Smack said...

I was just talking with someone about Ron Jeremy about an hour before I read this post. I don't guess that's blogjinx, but it's somethingjinx.

MJ said...

No ghey would have Ron Jeremy.

Would you do Captain Smack?

Daisy said...

i have always thought the same thing...yes animals should be treated well...but damn we don't even treat our children this country we had to protect children under the animal protection act because there was nothing protecting backasswards is that?

also i agree with the jeremy thing...i would be so disgusted by the man himself i wouldn't care how big he is...on the other hand i don't want a good looking man with a little dick either :)

mago said...

Ron Jeremy is still with us? He must be some hundred years old now ...

Homo Escapeons said...

If Jeremy had some other redeeming qualities..good manners, fresh breath, impeccable elocution, nice hair, smart dresser, sense of humour, a working knowledge of History or the Arts, anything else going for him would have maybe excused an unconscious drunk whore from receiving his chubby.

Anything other than that is simply inexcusable...and if he is marble gargling himself then that makes him atleast Bi.

Leah said...

"Marble gargling"--hahahaha that is the best euphemism ever--

Ron Jeremy kinda makes me feel an existential angst whenever I think about him--

Old Knudsen said...


Heff said...

You sure do know alot about the Hedgehog.

He was an alright pornster before he got fat, and the guy is funny as hell, as well as talented.

Search youtube for Ron Jeremy Pianist, lol.