Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Nuttier Than My Shit

Bill Gates has gone mad. Insane, crazy and maybe Coco nuts. When people retire they go a bit odd. Too much time to get themselves into trouble.

Gates no longer runs Microsoft on a day to day basis since he achieved world domination in the PC world but still likes to remind people that he can buy and sell them or just have them killed if he wanted.

He took the stage at Technology conference, and said "Not only poor people should experience this," and let loose a swarm of mosquitoes with frickin laser beams on their heads onto the crowd.

The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation has spent millions of dollars to end malaria. Lucky they weren't into ending rape or genocide or else the audience would really be in trouble.

Poor people? you elitist cunt! just come doon to southern Callyfornia at any time of the year and you'll get bit by mosquitoes.

Spiders too maybe he'll do that at the next conference along with head lice.

Fuck the poor wogs in Africa why not spend the money in yer own cuntry? Everyone here under the age of 82 are as thick as fuck, even the rich people do things like let loose mosquitoes or dangle babies from balconies so maybe you should put the millions into education and classes about commonsense , impulse and substance abuse control.

Don't worry Bill didn't get into trouble for attempted murder by malaria cos he is fucking rich.

What is it with Africa? the place is so bad that not even the freed slaves wanted to go back, even the Bush admin wouldn't invade an African country. Dr Congo, Dr Evil and now Dr Gates.

There is an expression:

Feed a man for a week and he makes babies and wants more food, teach him how to catch and grow his own food he says 'why should I?' yer giving me food, fuck you and yer free education whitey I just want crack and an AK-47.

Ah wise words.

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MJ said...

*waits for Donn to drop by and give lecture on mosquitoes*

Old Knudsen said...

As the great man once said,"bring it on".

Anonymous said...

Funny as feck! Very to-the-point!

Shit! I don't know how you get away with saying that sort of stuff, if my uncle Rastus caught me bloggin' that sort of stuff he would take his belt off and woop ma ass!

(and his trousers would fall down of course)

Of course he wouldn't be able to do that anymore as I shot him deaded 6 years ago and I am now in the library in Wormwood Scrubs writing this comment.

PS Am I allowed to put two "of course's" together like that ?

Old Knudsen said...

Of course you can, punctuation is a guideline not a rule. If you look in Fly fishing by JR Hartley you'll find a shiv I made out of a plastic spoon stuck into the binding.

Anonymous said...

So... this is the first blog I've ever visited where I had to agree not to cry if I was shown "adult content". I just thought you might be proud to know you're my first.

I would totally have invested in those guys. I've been an engineer long enough to realize dorky potential when I see it. Stange hair cuts are definitely a plus.

Boxer said...

I think I recognize my people.


TachaƩ said...

totally fucking hilarious point.
bill gates is rich enough to be respectably insane.

isnt he that one down front with the small peepee?

Bass Ackwords said...

Dammit anyway I sold all my gawdam Microsoft stock in '79..made $15!