Sunday, 15 February 2009

Not Hungry Now

I was baited, nay goaded by Manuel that cunt who waits for things into doing this post. In 1981 scummy IRA terrorist Bobby Sands started a hunger strike in the Maze prison in an attempt to gain political status on March 1. On April 11 he wins the Fermanagh and South Tyrone by-election. He did fuck all for those people which shows you how stupid they were electing a terrorist, just like Hamas you idiot Palestinians.

He dies on May 5, on the 66th day of his fast. Riots follow on both sides of the border and 100,000 attend his funeral.
The hunger strike ends on October 3 after the deaths of only 10 republicans.

All prisoners are now allowed to wear their own clothes and get fed nearly every day.

There is a film called 'Hunger' about him. I was approached to do the film and having no bias or bitterness against cowardly terrorist scum who should be left to rot I took on the role to make sure a real depiction was given.

It was originally called, 'A hunger for food' and didn't pull any punches but we had trouble getting funding for it so some changes had to be made thats when I left. Creative differences.

I accepted the Christ-like look they were going for, I mean he was a skinny dying fucker. I had to lose 80 lbs for the role, I had a shite and a kidney removed.

There is a scene which I am very proud of, "I'm no eating my food until I get ketchup, political ketchup!"

It was my actual shit that I smeared on the walls, on the DVD deleted scenes I'm mentioned and it shows the trouble I had as it was like gravy.

I hate to see terrorists painted in a favourable light or the wrong shade of brown . Sure Sands did suffer intimidation and sectarianism at the hands of loyalist thugs before joining the IRA but he became just as bad as them so fuck him.

Also around that time:

I hope Sands is burning in hell with his fellow IRA friends
who sets off two bombs in London's Hyde Park and Regent's Park killing two members of the Household Cavalry , seven cute fluffy horses and six soldiers from the Royal Green Jackets. Leonard Murphy the leader of the Shankill Butchers. The INLA who bombed the Droppin' Well pub in County Londonderry killing Seventeen people, 11 of them soldiers. The INLA who shot and killed three people and wounded seven in a Protestant church in County Tyrone. The IRA who killed Five people and 80 wounded by a bomb outside Harrods department store in west London on December 17 1983. President Ronald Reagan who visited the Irish Republic in June 1984 and says US policy is not to interfere. I wonder whose side he was on. Clinton was a better preez, he interfered. The IRA who bombed the Grand Hotel in Brighton killing four.

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Just Another Faceless Commenter said...

You and your scheisser films. Stop trying to impress MJ.

You know, I've seen "The Hunger" several times, and not once do I remember seeing that skinny dying fucker David Bowie spreading his own shit all over the walls.

Daisy said...

perhaps you need a break from films...a vacation of sorts...little b and b at the sea...cliff diving...i'm sure that would impress MJ ;)

Manuel said...

pfft.....typical reaction.....

Anonymous said...

The rest of Europe had the 30 years war in the 17th century, Irland is a little behind, but that makes it so enjoyable!

Boxer said...

bastards. I love cute fluffy horseys.

Old Knudsen said...

faceless Bowie is permanently in the last stages of a hunger strike, I wish someone would feed him and I don't mean Mick Jagger's jizz.

daisy I need a break from life but I keep just coming back.

manuel just wait until tomorrow my shit smearing friend.

mago so is Iraq then as Europe also had a 100 years war.

boxer they hate puppies too.

Anonymous said...

Iraq was a nice quiet little paradies and goddam fucking wall against the mullahs until some shithead grabbed the idea that it would be cool to kill Saddam and have the oil for free - at any costs. Does "Military-Industrial-Complex" ring some bell in your head?