Thursday, 5 February 2009

The New Face Of Terror

Nicky Reilly, 22, who has learning difficulties and Asperger's Syndrome, planned to becum a suicide bomber in the name of Allah.

The city of Exeter which is the main city in England for .............. for ............... well nothing really its in the southwest and nothing ever happens there except the odd exotic bug turning up.

Reilly, who changed his name to Mohammed Rasheed Lipshit, was "brainwashed" by a group that met at the new recruiting grounds for Al Qaeda the local fish and chip shop.

If you order a battered sausage supper they will batter yer sausage in the name of Allah round the back.

Little did Al Qaeda know that everyday at 2:10pm Reilly has to have a shite, its one of his things. Before he even had time to lay the toilet paper on top of the toilet seat of Exeter's Giraffe restaurant there was an explosion of another kind, his nail bomb went off.

Muslim extremists will use anyone even someone with an IQ of 10. Reilly had used a type of rudimentary bomb not employed by Muslims extremists in Britain before which was constructed from sodium hydroxide, aluminium foil strips and an essential oil, combined with kerosene.

Just send me $50 and I'll send you intricate details on how to make one or how to make speed or how to do 15 minute abs in 12 minutes.

It is thought he got some help to make 3 of them up, (not me) the other two didn't go off which is just as well or the family restaurant packed with children would have turned into a fireball.

The court was told his mother had first taken her son to see a psychiatrist at the age of nine, reporting obsessive behaviour and temper tantrums. He felt rejected by his father and later began to self-harm, taking an overdose at the age of 16.

Many mongs never go on to blow people up maybe you just got a bad mong, I bet he thought Communism was a good idea as well and was on the rebound from being a Jehovah Witless or some other daff hell bound religion .

The twat left a note saying: "I have not been brainwashed or indoctrinated. I am not insane."

Which means he was brainwashed and wanted to please the others who pretended to accept him, as for insane well maybe just a bit retarded.

He claimed he was simply doing "what God wants from his mujahideen".

No one knows what God wants ....... except Old Knudsen, he wants all religious zealots to kill themselves and just themselves.

"Everywhere Muslims are suffering at the hands of Britain, Israel and America. We are sick of taking all the brutality from you," he wrote.

Cos we are so brutal right? Our soldiers are complaining about waking up in hospital and finding a wounded Taliban in the next bed, do ragheads know what a hospital is? and would they help a wounded enemy soldier or just kill em?

The note attacked drunkenness and sexual immorality as "unacceptable to Allah and the true religion Islam".

Maybe they need a few pints in them at least we marry weemen old enough to grow hair on their bits.

What a stupid lad and an idiot situation that could have been very nasty. I've been to Exeter, my leg fell asleep it was so dull. At least Plymouth has the *Ho*

Reilly was given life which means he'll be out in 20 years at the most so then he'll be 44 and will have the mental age of a 20 year-old, he'll be too busy drinking and trying to get his hole to get into extremist shit.

*Plymouth Hoe is a grassy area where its said Sir Francis Drake played bowls in 1588 while the Spanish Armada approached before we soundly thrashed the dagoes .* You see it was a joke with ho instead of .................. oh never mind.

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Just Another Faceless Commenter said...

"Reilly had used a type of rudimentary bomb not employed by Muslims extremists in Britain before which was constructed from sodium hydroxide, aluminium foil strips and an essential oil, combined with kerosene."

I can see by the pic of his bedroom that he is definitely an "essential oil" kind of guy, if you know what I mean.

Daisy said...

it always astounds me how people kill in the name of their if that gives them the right...or makes it better for them...i guess it is society's fault though...we continue to breed them...

Momentary Madness said...

I bet they used Daz

Manuel said...

bunch of cunts......end of.....

Homo Escapeons said...

Young Reilly looks more like he has Hamburgers disease! His Mother should not have given birth to him or interfered with his much appreciated self harm syndrome.

Well I don't know what to say..
"the People" should prolly just execute him because he will prolly try to blow up us "normal people" when he gets out.

I'm a little tired of these jihadist mosques being built outside of any country where the topography is entirely made up of sand, or ends in Stan.

TachaƩ said...

oh God..
more rubbish... why cant they just jump in the ocean and become shark brekkie?

ps. i am never going to be old enough to grow hair on my bits. or lady. my granny called it a lady.


MJ said...

Is it Fatwa Friday yet?

I'm trying to throw an outfit together.

M@ said...

I love the Muslim middle-aged guy who says, 'Yes, go in the name of Allah. I will stay here and SUPERVISE."