Wednesday, 18 February 2009

Me Mammy Thinks I'm A Winner

What a clever ad for men's underwear or gunties as the cool kids call them. It says at the bottom "Men don't want to see other men naked" . Unless its Gerrard Butler, Mago, George Clooney or Donn Coppens I suppose.

I like the top pair, most tasteful.

When I click on my own blog I get the content warning as well. You know what? I actually consider if I want to accept and view the blog or decline. Every bloody time.

Like I said in other comments I only made the long list on the Irish blogs awards. Manuel made the short list which is most deserved :::::chokes a bit and throws up in own mouth:::::::Ms Hanger Queen also made it so well done.

I have no hard feelings, I'm sure everyone else is more humourous than I and cover more pop culture topics, "did you see [insert unknown minorIrish celeb here] what a slut!"

On my news blog I have updated my side-bar to 3 time loser. Next year, oh boy. I'm going to bone up on painfully dull Irish subjects throwing in words like dail (WTF?) and convert to Fenianism, it will be mine! I may even die me hair red and watch Celtic woman like the Yank/Americans do.

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Donn Coppens said...

That poor dear girl in the top photo appears to have a sniffly-sneezy cold.

She needs somebody to rub some Vicks on her chest.

HoodChick said...

So you think she's using a roll of paper towels to wipe her nose. Hmmm, better than what I thought she was wiping with them.

Oh, and just noticed the NC-17 rating - way cool.

Ms Smack said...

They are fantastic images! So clever. I think, however, a box of tissues would have been better.

MJ said...

"Men don't want to see other men naked" . Unless its Gerrard Butler, Mago, George Clooney or Donn Coppens I suppose.

What about seeing Manuel nekkid?..I was going to ask until I read further and see that you might not want to hear anything more about him for today at least.

Manuel is needier than you so let's all give him a big Sláinte.

If it's any consolation, I'd call Manuel if I wanted a bread roll but it's Old Knudsen I'd call if I were being chased by the Great White Panda of the Pennines.

I masturbate to both of you though.

Manuel said...

loser......and you too.....heh

CHEF TROLL said...

You're ghey. And stupid.

Anonymous said...

Trolley's outa the kitchen ...