Sunday, 25 January 2009

Sunday Service

Its Sunday and who gives a fuck what I post on a Sunday? You should be at church or something.
I'm sick of the Hollywood elite, look at George Clooney here, who are you to judge? she is just sitting there looking fucking ugly as the sign describes and a bit creepy. Its not like you are so attractive Mr Clooney, its not like you have warm dark eyes with a glint of mischievousness and a dazzling smile that makes everyone who sees it feel so special. How dare you Clooney!!!! I hate the way you treat people after you have yer pleasure with them you treat them like hoors when you tuck taxi fare into their gunties and shove them out of yer Hollywood home, I hate you I hate you.

Call me............

Caroline Kennedy ended her bid for a senate seat. Isn't it funny she did so just after I slagged her off on this blog? Yet again Old Knudsen and his influence shines. Rumfeld has kept his head doon since I got him fired do not make me angry for you will not like me when I'm angry ....... or happy.

For the sake of this part I shall give the fella a fake name. lets call him 'The Trall' In the Obituaries in the paper it gave some details about a dead bloke as Obits very often do. It said: 'He also enjoyed cooking and riding horses' I hope he didn't do both at the same time. Napoleon's troops sliced frozen bits off their horses as they rode them but to get a pot to boil on a moving horse seems very difficult.

They didn't mention the Trall's love of reality shows as that sounded a little bit too ghey.

Casey Anthony is the 22 year-old scumbag from ....................... Florida of course! who killed her 3 year-old daughter. She did the whole missing gurl act but no as soon as the police saw her doing this sad white gurl gang sign pose in a picture they knew she was guilty. Rot in hell you dirty hoor.

The best fisherman in the world is just a little bit too good, he says, "I'm sick of eating fish, fish for breakfast, lunch and dinner. My wife wanted some oral sex and I could only do it by smothering her stench trench in tartar sass I'm sick of it".

Old Knudsen asks the question: "Where is yer Cod now Fisherman?"

The reason I have an adult content warning on my blog is in solidarity to my blogging colleague MJ (Click , no wait I'm too lazy to do links as you are too lazy to click on my blogroll) She was oppressed by the man, professor Google himself so I changed my own settings to show the man we love adult content buttons. The joke is on you sad sack cos we is the cool kids now!

We flaunt our adult content of oh no naked bodies and oh no rude words and oh no non-politically
correct ideas.................... Hitler had the right idea no not the one about the bacteria of a Bavarian peasant's poo taken in tablet form for his stomach I mean the breathing rooms.

You won't get posts like this on soft blogs. I'm hard and I'm tough too.

To leave you with the words of film star Carole lombard who was the first US civilian casuality of WWII when she talked about her ex husband Clark Gable.

"If Clark had one inch less, he'd be the queen of Hollywood instead of the King."

Snap! Mr Gable

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Selchie said...

I've got to say I think this blog is the funniest thing I've ever read..) George Clooney...? Yeah never done anything for me. Perhaps if I ask him nicely he'll come round and clean my yard.

MJ said...

I felt special, like one of the chosen ones, when I got my content warning.

Yet I felt alone. Apart from the crowd.

Until you came along and joined me in solidarity.

You always stand by me. Except for those times when you run to your hoors like Leah and George Clooney but then Old Knudsen belongs to the world so who am I to complain?

TROLL said...

"The trall?". I enjoyed this post but Casey Anthony learned her values in New Jersey, not God's favored State, Florida.

Oh, and there's a good chance that Clooney will be charged with a felony in the next few months.

Remember where you first heard that news, and be eternally envious of my FLORIDA based source!

Old Knudsen said...

selchie I keep telling everyone its funny but they don't believe me.

MJ there is enough Old K for everyone who pays.

Trolly is it Gods favoured state because thats where the Old Jews go to die?
I hear they are re-naming Disneyworld Pedoworld.