Monday, 26 January 2009

I Remember When All This Was Fields

Having done a 'deep' post, well when I say deep I mean deep for my readers as most of them read at an 8th grade level which would be 3rd year in a real school. I'm no sayin thats a bad thing I for one am envious as when I was 6 I had to get a job to support my Da and my 12 brothers and sisters, it wasn't until I was 9 that I found out I was actually in a street gang of pick pockets run by the evil Fagin who was fag in by name and nature anyway we were close.

Well I like this picture as it represents the world and my struggle to rise above the rest and see the truth plus its got a ginger in it about to feel pain. I obviously took this pic here in Southern Callyfornia when I was watching the lads do their bike stunts.

You know kids today don't listen to the wisdom of the aged and use words like, "Fuck off" and " If you keep watching us I'm telling my dad who'll kick yer ass" Where has the respect gone? I shouted over, "No don't shove those intestines in just hold them in place until the ambulance gets here" did they listen?

So is that a BMX or do they have a super duper cool name for them these days? its hard to keep up.
Remember when you were young you knew alsorts of unimportant shite and thats what kept you young and cool, now I don't know what the kids are into. It all seems so trivial.

There used to be this puppet in the UK called Emu (pronounced aimyou not e-moo) it was that Australian bird like an Ostrich and a fella called Rod Hull had his arm up it.

The bird took on a life of its own and would grab celebs and talk show hosts by the face and threw them to the ground, ah British culture at its best.

Violent, funny and good for the whole family .

In 1999 Rod Hull fell off the roof of his house while he was adjusting his TV aerial for a football match and died aged 63.
TV kept him alive and TV killed him. His son Toby took over the bird and he has cable TV.

Nowadays birds won't let you put yer hand up them and the kids have Emo (pronounced e-mo) its not the same.

Last week I was reading the lovely Pearl and she said about quotes making her feel old like when she quoted the Holy Grail at some young uns and they didn't get it. I gave this matter a great deal of thought and think its really also a knowledge of pop culture and history and that anyone at any age can have.

I had a wife who was only 5 years younger than me (God rest her soul) and she never got my references or jokes, yes that was the piano wire across the top of the stairs wife in case you were wondering. I hated that bloody piano, just because you can play half of Chop sticks doesn't mean you can play the piano .

Well with those lads and their bike stunts I was laughing at them and asking if they needed lessons on how to ride their bikes and as one kid kept on and on trying to lean his bike over and stand in the side and still move I shouted, "Use the force" which he got, you have to pick and choose yer quotes and dumb them doon. No wonder those kids are always fixing at their bikes.

I remember when bicycles had solid rubber tires and only one brake at the front, never stop at speed or you'd go over the handlebars, ach I remember when bicycles were called 'Bone rattlers' and a bike was the village slut.

Now if I could remember whether or not I took my pills today that would really help, the older you get the more yer short term memory goes, thats because there is fuck all worth remembering these days.

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angela's ashes said...

Thank heavens it's a post I can understand not like the last one I had to take nine codeine suppositories after that one. Is that Rod Hull? It looks like John Pertwee to me. Thanks for the tip about piano wire that's a good'n I hope it works on husbands too.

A good thing to do if you forget whether you've taken your pills is to take them again just in case. That's how I got nine codeine suppositories up there if you were wondering.

You get two comments tonight because it's 'Australia Day' doon here and the place is just a madhouse.

MJ said...

How did the phrase "On yer bike" originate.

Nice to see you again, Angela.

Homo Escapeons said...

Kids. Our society still thinks that it's great idea to keep them retarded, naive, and livin' in Mommy's basement until their late 20s and early 30s!? We need to shelter them from reality so that they don't get sullied..wouldn't want them to think that they're NOT the centre of the universe..
heaven forbid.

If that is the case then we should raise the driving, drinking, and voting age to 40! Then we'll see how long they want to stay stupid.

How's that for sounding old and wise?

M@ said...

that is some fucked up bird-man combination.

Old Knudsen said...

angela Australia Day huh? you aussies celebrate anything, I remember you having a few tinnys to celebrate yer court date lucky the judge was also celebrating his fourth death sentence that day.

MJ When we liberated Holland from the Nazis instead of mount up on horses all we had was bikes so they would call on yer bikes, or an MP told jobless people to get on yer bike and get jobs take yer pick ..... and dig it.

DC why is it always those who already drink and vote are the ones who want to raise the age? I think all kids should know I'm the centre of the universe.

Momentary Madness said...

On yer bike.
I fell twice in my life off a roof. I didn't get lucky. I guess it's hard to kill a bad thing, that's what my mother used to say so it must be true, and I'm still alive, fuck it.

I knew a woman who became the village bike, and very nice she was too.
She got a puncture one day and asked me to mend it. I did, and when I'd finished she pulled off her knickers and said take whatever you want, and so I did.
I took the bike