Thursday, 29 January 2009

Happy Families

I don't actually have a post for today. Why you may ask yerselves? or you'll just say, "so fuck" and click on some inferior blog which is any other blog I just want to celebrate 'The Family' no not the Mafia but speaking of which when someone mentioned Canada to Al Capone he said, "What street is that on?" its true I was there I was disguised as a broad in order to assassinate him.

It all went badly we had a few drinks and I gave him the syphilis that killed him ......... so I killed him-ish but didn't get fucking paid I don't wanna talk about it.

The family which is a man and a woman and some kids is a sacred institution, none of that new age shite with gheys or single mothers looking after kids thats just crazy. Jeffery Dahmer and Ted Bundy came from traditional families and they went on to becum famous hoosehold names.

Obama came from a single parent and look where that poor sod ended up, on a sinking ship with the rats fleeing back to Mexico.

My logic and reason is impeccable you can argue but you'd be wrong.

I have known Brad and Angie separately for years and was so happy when he dumped that Aniston slag, she never liked me a secret leezer probably.

I do find it flattering that the Bradster is trying to copy me and has even put a flat cap onto his child.
Lovely looking children by the way I was just all too happy to help out, I um mean by baby sitting of course.
Oh Angie they never learned the word 'Cunt' from me it was no doubt from one of those savages you adopted, dirty children.

Well I'm off to watch Marley and me. Hahahahaha only kidding Brad in case anyone doesn't know the dog dies in the end, it gets rabies and is shot don't feel bad about it Owen Wilson looks through its kennel and finds a ton of puppy porn, turns out Marley was a pedo.

I give it 2 thumbs up, no really if yer dog is a pedo sticking yer thumbs up its hole is the only way to cure it, or is that how to stop a bear attack?

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Homo Escapeons said...

Hollywood is at war with the traditional family that's why...and Disney and Spielberg led the attack.

Spielberg always, always. always had a single Mom from Goonies to ET his message was hey kids, Dad's are total selfish pricks who will abandon you so to hell with them!

Why would anyone pay to watch a movie about an adorable puppy that dies? I blame Disney (again) for instilling this bullsh*t idea that we need to soak our kids in some gruesome greek tragedy. Shooting Old Yeller was beyond cruel and unusual punishment.

Uncle Walt's twisted logic demanded that all of his protagonists be children who are either orphaned from the getgo or lose their mother halfway through the movie. You bastard!

..and who the f*ck wants to see Aniston and Wilson together in some quasi half assed date/kid's movie? In real life a goofy mutt like Owen wouldn't even get a whiff of a hoity-toity gal like Jennifer...
so Mr Hollywood Producer, you can take your suspension of disbelief and shove it waaaay up y'er arse.

M@ said...

I saw a good Indy film from Germany about a puppy recently. It did not end well, either.

Anonymous said...

It's a one-kick-only-doggy I guess ...

MJ said...

Which inferior blog do you recommend?

Old Knudsen said...

DC I feel yer anger lad but I don't know what yer talking about. I'm off to watch some Harry Potter now thats realistic.

matt the only thing that ends good in germany are the wars.

mago no, you can kick em when they are dead..... just for kicks.

MJ Ask Knudsen if you have any questions.

M@ said...

wuz only busting those bitter balls.... :)

TachaƩ said...

Agh kill that bitch jolie, or at the very least a good whack with a stick will do,

spend the money on saving dogs!

Ms Smack said...

I really think he's more happy having kids, than he is with her.

If only Jen had got up the duff, he wouldn't have left her.