Thursday, 2 August 2007

The Memes Must End.

I've been tagged, spammed, left for dead in a ditch and have totally forgotten the safe place where I hid that extra money I had. My reflecting pool and Niolk have both tagged me with their chain lettery cycle of abuse thingy that's going around here like the clap around Royal Navy frigate. I'd tell them both to fuck off but I feel I'm on the verge of getting naked pictures from them.
Ok here we go.

1) The first and last time I stood on a skateboard to see how easy it was I fell off and broke my nose, it now bleeds easily when punched.

2) Once in a Supermarket I was at the cashier , I was lifting something heavy into the cart and the plastic handles snapped, my hand flew up and punched myself in the nose which then started to bleed, I had one little bogey filled hanky but the blood kept dripping, the cashier looked at me disgusted while trying to ignore me.

3) I have a man crush on Gerard Butler at the minute, maybe its the muscles or maybe the manly Scottish accent, yes I know going by his name hes a Fenian but love has no limits.

4) I believe I am being followed by an invisible Greek chorus and so will talk to myself and entertain them, they may be travelers from the future or maybe I'm just mad.

5) At a works party I was awarded an inflatable doll for being the employee most likely to chat a fellow employee up, the doll went off with someone else.................hoor.

6) At one time I was a vision technician (window cleaner) my nick-name was "Buckets" due to me having buckets, incredible huh?

7) Before I became old and cantankerous I had the ability to turn invisible, mostly at pubs when I was trying to get served and the barman only saw hot chicks with low cut tops, I now wear low cut tops.

8) When I see one of those guillotines you use for cutting paper and card my first impulse is to put my hand in and slice it off.

For Ms Pool my blogging tip would be " Don't give too much of a fuck its only Blogging."*************

Sorry Ms Pool but me and directions don't mix it was in my 101 facts.
I challenge you all to do 101 random facts about yerself, go on lets see what yer made off. Take the Knudsen challenge as the ultimate meme so complete strangers can stalk yer blogs and know stuff even yer husband doesn't know cos hes off banging the dog and isn't interested in yer Blog. Sound tempting? weak Bloggers can do memes but only the strong can do 101.


The Little Cheese said...

Oooh, Gerard Butler. I see what you mean... shall we start a fan club or just start stalking him? I'll keep watch while you go through his bins.

Manuel said...

"yes I know going by his name hes a Fenian but love has no limits."

mixing the gene pool, what would Carson say...

Fat Sparrow said...

"I have a man crush on Gerard Butler"

You gayer.

Medbh said...

You just posted 101 things, Old Knudsen. Your readers are insatiable!

Xmichra said...

i have done the 101 in my big bad blog stage. But to be a try knudsenite* will yet again take on the daunting task. It will be up by Sunday (my next day off).

*may cause a person to be contrary.

Mrs CeCrux said...

101? i'm not even sure I can do 101. Well I could if I sat down and took a few days to write it it really worth it so total strangers can laugh at me?

I'm not talking of the ones who already laugh at me now...fuck

Fat Sparrow said...

There, bitch, I have taken your challenge, and did NiolK's meme besides.

Anonymous said...

Crap, I only have 70 random facts. I lose. But thanks for participating. Now, I promise to never ask you to do another meme, instructional, blog thing!

Portia said...

101 is a big number. i did 100 once and it seemed to take forever then i felt really boring looking at the 100 facts about myself. i will leave this to you as facts or otherwise it's a lot more entertaining over here:)

glad you did it though, i needed a laugh or 8.

Xmichra said...

nevermind, i got un-busy and posted my 101 today.

Old Knudsen said...

the little Cheese Hes mine I tell ya.

manuel frank carson would say,"its the way I tell em."

fat sparrow its weemen like you that turned me.

medbh thats not the word I would have used.

xmichra you meme addict, I'm making files on people, this 101 thing is a ploy.

Mrs Cecrux no we're laughing with you, everyone has a 101 in them, what does that say if you don't?

fat sparrow now I know too much.

Ms Pool 70 is good to add on to, if someone needs instruction on blogging then they shouldn't be let near a blog.

Old Knudsen said...

portia stick one more on and take the challenge.

xmichra you are a worthy Knudsenite.

DirtyBitchSociety said...

I will try to do mine this weekend. I am wrapped tight till then but of course, for you, Da, I'd do anything. Only thing is, I'll bet I've told all. I've been running my mouth, on blogs for 3+ years.

willowtree said...

I'd take your challenge, but I'm fucked if I can think of more than 3 boring facts about me and I can't think of 1 interesting one.

Old Knudsen said...

BDS I'm sure it will be an interesting read if not a little scary.

willowtree I find that hard to believe, people with blogs want to say something, ask those that know you.

Photogirl said...

I already did my 8 facts so I'm pretty sure my meme quota has been filled for the year.

I hope.

Old Knudsen said...

Aye you'd think that until someone tags you from behind or gives you a tagging award.